Knowlengr Technology Blogs

  •  Knowledge-based systems and innovations.
  • Commentaries on specific software problems with solutions, including consumer tips.
  • A software #fail chronology. Glimpses into software quality, design and operational failures
  • A professional slant on personal experiences with Customer Service departments. Did call center time myself, so I'm entitled.
  • Quality ratings for job descriptions in knowledge management
  • Systems for Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Duty, including Unmanned (“Drone”) Systems for Science and Defense
  • Gallery of screenshots with occasional commentary of error messages from software
  • Site attempts to highlight the ongoing usefulness of Miller's framework for the first stage, if not the most important stage, of human multi-stage memory.
  • Capsule highlights or simple listings of pro audio equipment.
  • Posts on look at ways in which enterprises implement what they "know."

DarkViolin Arts and Society Blogs

  • Book and essay reviews for literary fiction, poetry and selected nonfiction.
  • Music and arts reviews, including live music reviews in Long Island.
  • commentary on transparency initiatives -- genuine and otherwise -- within technology communities. I also survey technology-facilitated attempts to enhance transparency.
  • Occasional events and commentary on naturalist / author Loren Eiseley.
  • Commentary on Social Trends and Sustainability
  • Reviews of violin solos and performers in contemporary music.

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