18 January 2016

FooPlugins - Internal Server Error

Webserver error at

Today this Apache webserver error is being thrown at Fooplugins. Will this ubiquitous error still be with us twenty years hence?

21 September 2015

Skype Network Issue - Except for Business Users

Skype is currently unusable in our East Coast USA location over the Verizon FIOS network. The symptom is a failure to connect, even if already logged in.

The Windows client does not suggest the Heartbeat site for status, but here it is anyway. Nor does it send a notification of the outage to users by email or text.

Skype Heartbeat reports:

Skype Heartbeat Announcement

The symptom in the Skype Windows client presents itself as:

Skype Windows Connect Fail

Lastly, here's the information provided via Twitter:

14 July 2015

Trust in 911 Information Provider Undermined by Expired Certificate

Smart911 SSL Credential Expired
The local town of North Hempstead NY has campaigned over the past year to have its citizens register with a commercial service, Smart911. Smart911 connects additional personal information about households with local 911 services so that alternate means of communication, identification and other services can be enabled. During Superstorm Sandy, the need for a service like this was clearer -- even though some will choose to keep such information personal.

Unfortunately, using the service this week resulted in the standard expired SSL certificate warning -- which less browser-savvy users (as well as OWASP users) will interpret as meaning the site is not safe. This is unfortunate given the sort of service involved, and the amount of personal information requested by the contractor.